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The Marvellous World of Manufacturing

Not many people give much thought to the fact that almost every object you touch as you go about your day had to be manufactured by someone. When you stop to consider the impact that the processing and manufacturing industry has had on the modern world, it can blow your mind. My mind was blown when my son arrived home from his new job at a local processing and manufacturing plant and told me about the industry he was now working in. Since then, I have learnt all kinds of cool things which I would love to be able to share with the rest of the world.




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The Marvellous World of Manufacturing

    The Safe Operation of a Weighbridge: A Guide

    If you are planning to install a weighbridge at your manufacturing facility, it is vital that you understand how to ensure that it is operated and maintained in a safe manner. Below is a guide to everything you need to know to stay safe when conducting weighbridge operations. Read on to discover everything you need to know. The location of the weighbridge  When installing the weighbridge, the first thing you will need to consider is its location.

    Benefits of Using Stainless Steel for Fabrication

    Stainless steel fabrication is the process of cutting, welding and assembling metal into finished products. It is a crucial process of the construction, automotive and manufacturing industries and even the agricultural industry. Structural steel is the most common material used for fabrication. Benefits of using steel for fabrication include the following: Durability Stainless steel is used for fabrication due to its strength. It is able to bear the effects of the elements and is stronger in comparison to other construction materials.

    4 Types of Goal Posts and Their Suitability

    There are various types of goal posts from which you can choose, depending on your needs and preferences. It is important that you choose the right post. That is why it is essential for you to learn about the different types so you may be at a better position when purchasing. The following article highlights the types of goal posts and what they are suitable for. Socketed Goal Posts These posts are used professionally.

    Safety During Welding

    Welding is the process of joining two metals through the use of extreme heat. Once the metals are hot, a filler material that may be stronger than the base metal is added to form a joint. As such, the two metals are firmly bound together. In the industrial spectrum, welding is an essential process as it helps in the fabrication of certain goods and conducting regular maintenance works in the premises.

    Selecting the best die casting process

    Die casting refers to the process of creating metal parts by pouring molten metal into a mould cavity. The result of die casting is that the metal formed will be smooth with definite dimensions. It is a common process for metals such as aluminium, steel, lead, copper and iron. Notably, because different metals have different properties, for optimum cost-efficient and time-sensitive die casting; you will need to use a method that is compatible with the circumstances.

    A fast track guide of powder coating process works

    Powder coating is the application of paint on surfaces, except that the paint is in powder form. This process is now a very common finishing for industrial and domestic purposes. Most people currently prefer powder coated surfaces owing to the many benefits that it provides, such as eco-friendliness, the absence of Volatile Organic Compounds (pollutants), its durability, the cost, its flexibility, and its ability to be reused. You may be wondering how the powder is prepared, how it is applied and how it is dried to perfection.

    How do you choose a ship repair company?

    What do you do when your ship needs some repair work? Your ship is a substantial financial investment that you will want to protect, and you must be certain that any work carried out on your ship is completed to a high standard. You also have to know that, whatever conditions it will face at sea, the ship will remain safe for those who will be onboard. Before deciding on the most appropriate company to conduct your ship repair work, it is important that you are able to satisfy yourself that they have fully trained and qualified staff.

    Precautions to Take While Working with Sheet Metal to Avoid Dust Combustion

    When working with sheet metal, there are many dangers involved. There's always a risk for getting cut or burned while working. One risk that is often overlooked by sheet metal workers is the risk of combustible metal dust. Dust combustion is a chemical reaction that occurs when two different types of metal dust react with each other and create an explosion. It is very dangerous and could cause serious injury to the workers.