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Not many people give much thought to the fact that almost every object you touch as you go about your day had to be manufactured by someone. When you stop to consider the impact that the processing and manufacturing industry has had on the modern world, it can blow your mind. My mind was blown when my son arrived home from his new job at a local processing and manufacturing plant and told me about the industry he was now working in. Since then, I have learnt all kinds of cool things which I would love to be able to share with the rest of the world.




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The Marvellous World of Manufacturing

4 Types of Goal Posts and Their Suitability

by Anthony Harvey

There are various types of goal posts from which you can choose, depending on your needs and preferences. It is important that you choose the right post. That is why it is essential for you to learn about the different types so you may be at a better position when purchasing. The following article highlights the types of goal posts and what they are suitable for.

Socketed Goal Posts

These posts are used professionally. These are the goal posts that you normally see in football stadiums when you go to watch matches. The Socketed posts are also used in school playgrounds and parks. The posts are metallic, and there are sockets made of concrete in which the posts are inserted in the ground. These goal posts are strong because of the material they are made from, and they can last for a long time if they are properly maintained.

Self Weighted Posts

Self weighted goal posts are specifically designed for artificial pitches; hence, sockets are not necessary so that they can be fitted in the ground. The posts have wheels, so they are easily moved from the field whey they are not in use. To prevent the posts from moving forward, they contain weights that are in-built. This means these posts are lightweight, hence making them portable. These posts are perfect for pitches that are used for various games and sports. Therefore, it will be easy to remove the goal post so that people can take part in another sport.

Freestanding Posts

Freestanding goal posts are more like the self weighted posts except the fact that they do not have in-built weights to prevent them from moving forward. Instead, they have a goal anchor, which is in form of a chain that can be fixed to a fence. These goal posts are ideal for natural pitches that are near a fence that will act as a goal anchor. The freestanding goal posts can also be used on artificial pitches where regular moving is not necessary and there must be an anchor.

Fence Folding Posts

These posts have arms that are fixed to a fence, and the goal frame is connected to the arms. The arms ensure the flexibility of the goal post. This is because the goal can swing out when there is the need to use the post, and it can be folded back against the fence after use. These goal posts are ideal where there is inadequate room to store the posts when they are not in use.