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Not many people give much thought to the fact that almost every object you touch as you go about your day had to be manufactured by someone. When you stop to consider the impact that the processing and manufacturing industry has had on the modern world, it can blow your mind. My mind was blown when my son arrived home from his new job at a local processing and manufacturing plant and told me about the industry he was now working in. Since then, I have learnt all kinds of cool things which I would love to be able to share with the rest of the world.




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The Marvellous World of Manufacturing

Top 4 Advantages of Powder Coating over Wet Painting

by Anthony Harvey

Since its introduction as an alternative to traditional wet paint finishes, powder coating has been gaining popularity in the industrial and manufacturing sector at a fast pace. Powder coating offers many distinct advantages over conventional wet painting, thus explaining why it is fast becoming the preferred finishing type. If you're looking to learn about the various benefits that powder coating brings to the table, stick around.

Here are the top four powder coating benefits you should know about.

It Lasts Longer

One of the major downsides of wet painting is the paint tends to start peeling off after some time. This is usually the case for paint that's constantly exposed to wet or humid environments. The powder coating process results in a single-coat finish that is denser and more hardwearing than most multi-stage paint finishes. This means products with a powder-coated finish will be able to resist scratching, fading, chipping, and general surface damage much better than their painted products. In addition, they'll retain their initial look and functionality longer, provided that they are well-cared for. 

It Saves Time

As already pointed out, the powder coating process involves applying only one coat of paint on the substrate material. This helps save time because you don't have to wait for one coat of paint to cure properly before you can apply the next one. 

It Is Cost-Effective 

Powder coating is a cost-efficient painting method because it results in minimal paint waste. Overspray can be reclaimed and reused so you can make the most out of your paint supplies. As powder-coated finishes require less upkeep than wet painted surfaces, they'll cost you fewer lifecycle expenses.

It Is an Environmentally Friendly Choice 

Unlike traditional wet painting, powder coating doesn't require the use of any solvents or VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Plus, the painting application process is done in a sealed environment. This helps prevent the release of potentially harmful chemicals into the environment during paint application. Waste disposal is much easier than with wet painting because of the minimal amount of waste produced and the lack of harmful content in it. 

From the above information, you can see that powder coating is superior to wet painting in a number of key aspects. But if you're still unsure about which of the two paint finishes is best for your particular application, you can always seek guidance from a paint and coating expert. They'll help you choose the best paint finish type for your project.