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The Marvellous World of Manufacturing

What to consider when hiring a generator for mining purposes

by Anthony Harvey

The mining sector heavily relies on the power supplied by generators. Whether digging up coal, precious metals or iron ore, miners often rely on generators to provide a reliable power supply that can be used to drive large excavators, drills and shovels. Some generators come as stand-alone units that are connected to equipment on-site, while others are part of large trucks and vehicles that move heavy material on the mining location.

Regardless of the type of mining work you're doing, there are important factors you should consider when selecting a generator hire to power your machines.

1. Power capacity

As opposed to many other industries, mining activities require a reliable and effective power supply. Heavy-duty machines depend on high power capacity to excavate the earth, move materials and drill through tough rock. Therefore, you should opt for a generator that is able to deliver enough power capacity.

It's a good idea to determine your specific power needs before hiring a generator. Consider your maximum power consumption on a typical day at the work site. To be safe, hire a generator that provides a little more power than your maximum consumption.

2. Stability and durability

To ensure a consistent power supply, you should also look for generators that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Most mining sites consist of deep trenches, loose debris, rough surfaces and unfriendly weather. Therefore, your generator should be equipped to operate in such conditions.

Look for machines that have a tough outer cover that can withstand rain, snow and strong rays from the sun. The generator should also have a sturdy build around the fuel tank. This design will prevent fuel from leaking and affecting power supply.

3. Diesel is a better choice for mining purposes

If you weren't already aware, diesel generators are better suited for mining activity. This is because diesel is less volatile and thus safer to use on the work site. Low volatility means that diesel has a much higher boiling point and it will not evaporate from the generator fuel tank.

On the other hand, fuel options such as petrol are more volatile than diesel, and they may not be as useful for mining purposes.

4. Portability

On most mining sites, you will find yourself moving around frequently as you extract materials from inside the earth's crust. As you move around, you will also need to move with your power supply.

A powerful, yet portable generator is a good option for mining activities. The generator should be simple to move around and install along different sections of the mining site.