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The Marvellous World of Manufacturing

4 Ways Xylan Coatings Can Protect Newly Fabricated Steel

by Anthony Harvey

After your metallic products have undergone sheet fabrication to produce the intended dimensions and shapes, these products will also need to be protected. Newly fabricated sheet metals are often subject to corrosion, friction from moving parts and damage from weather conditions. Whether your metal fabrication company is working with you to produce automotive parts, aeroplane components or steel frames for construction, you should always have a plan to protect these materials from damage.

Xylan coatings are one of the best ways of adding a durable protective layer to sheet metal products. As an industrial coating made from fluoropolymers, Xylan is applied as a dry film, and it provides both protection and lubrication. Here are four ways Xylan coatings help protect your newly fabricated products.

1. Providing corrosion resistance

After fabrication, your steel products may also be prone to corrosion, especially in humid and salty environments. Damage from corrosion can prove quite costly to your business, especially after you've paid for metal fabrication services.

Luckily, applying a Xylan coating protects your products from corrosion. Because Xylan coatings are made from tough and water-resistant fluoropolymers, they firmly coat your metal products and prevent corrosion from occurring. They may also provide chemical protection in specific environments.

2. Reducing friction between moving parts

Sheet metals to be used as parts of other moving machines often need to be lubricated. Xylan coatings are among the most effective options for such applications. This dry film lubricant applies a polymer-based coating on the surface for your sheet metal. Therefore, your products can easily glide across other surfaces within a larger machine. The surfaces of your fabricated products are also protected against physical damage.

3. Making the surface more temperature tolerant

Are you concerned about the temperature tolerance of your sheet metal surfaces? Xylan coatings can add a wide temperature tolerance to facilitate the quality of your end products. In fact, these coatings make your surfaces tolerate both much lower and much higher temperatures than they would otherwise. This gives it an effective tolerance range for almost all industrial processes.

4. The coating material adds flexibility to your metallic surfaces

In many sheet metal fabrication processes, you may wish to have your metal surfaces remain flexible and easy to use. Xylan coatings add flexibility to coated surfaces by making it easier for you to bend and adjust the surface without breaking it. And because the coating remains firmly in place, you don't have to worry about losing protection.

For more information, contact a professional with knowledge of relevant coatings, sheet metal fabricators and other parts of the sheet metal fabrication process,